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August 2021

Columbia Memorial Health Foundation Donates New Ventilators to Aid Critically Ill Patients


Funds for the acquisition provided by the Rheinstrom Hill Community Foundation and the Potts Memorial Foundation. Portable Devices Allow Safe Transport of Patients Hudson, New York — The Columbia Memorial Health Foundation today announced that it has received generous grants from the Rheinstrom Hill Community Foundation and The Potts Memorial Foundation for the purchase of two state of the art portable ventilators that are essential for the care and transport of critically ill patients. The gifts, totaling $30,000, funded the purchase of two new HAMILTON-C1 portable ventilators by the Columbia Memorial Health Foundation. The new units will replace equipment that is out of service and no longer cost effective to repair. The advanced technology of the new devices is a significant upgrade offering safe, individualized ventilation and maximum mobility. The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly increased the need to transport patients. The new ventilators will adapt to a variety of settings such as the intensive care unit, emergency department, recovery room or intermediate care, and will ensure adequate air supply during intra-hospital transport. They offer a closed system which provides a safe transfer without increasing the risk of transmitting COVID-19 and other respiratory diseases, [...]

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March 2021



New Nuclear Camera Improves Diagnosis of Cardiac Conditions Patients Benefit From More Accurate Diagnostic Imagery, Shorter Scan Times (Hudson, NY) Columbia Memorial Health (CMH) today announced the acquisition and installation of state of the art scanning technology that will significantly improve the diagnosis of numerous common and rare cardiac conditions. The scanner was purchased with the support of the Columbia Memorial Health Foundation, which relies on the generosity of community donors. The new scanning device, known as the Symbia Evo Excel, is a single-photon emission computerized tomography device -- commonly called a “nuclear camera” -- that provides real-time scans of patient heart function. According the Dr. Hiral N. Amin, MD, a cardiologist at CMH’s Twin County Cardiology practice, the new technology is instrumental in testing heart function via “stress tests.” The machine can accurately measure blood flow in the hearts of patients to diagnose any irregular circulatory activity. Importantly, the device can be used on patients who can exercise and on patients who, due to their cardiac condition, cannot exercise. “This new imaging technology significantly improves the quality of images we use to make a diagnosis and formulate a treatment plan. It also [...]


September 2020



Columbia Memorial Health recently upgraded it surgical X-ray technology with a new “C-Arm” machine. The device, pictured on the left, significantly improves the quality of images taken during surgical procedures, providing surgeons with real-time, higher resolution visual information to aid their work. The acquisition was made possible through a grant by the Columbia Memorial Health Foundation, CMH’s philanthropic arm. Pictured with the device, from left to right, are: Operating Room Registered Nurse Randall Silsby; Orthopedic Physician’s Assistant Rachel Rhyman; Surgeon Catherine Shin, MD; and X-ray Technician Tim Vedder.


April 2019

CMH Now Offering Life-Saving 3-D Mammography


Hudson, N.Y.  April 23, 2019 Columbia Memorial Health today announced it will conduct a special auction at its 31st Annual Hospital Ball with proceeds earmarked for the purchase of innovative 3D breast biopsy technology for CMH’s Women’s Health Services.  The Hospital Ball “Le Cirque,” hosted by the Columbia-Greene Hospital Foundation (C-GHF), will be held on June 1 at the Point in Catskill. Columbia Memorial acquired 3D mammography technology earlier this year through a generous donation from the C-GHF. The ground breaking technology, currently available in both Hudson and Catskill, provides superior images that make it possible to identify early breast cancer abnormalities within a three dimensional plane. Suspicious abnormalities identified by mammography are subsequently biopsied, ideally with a minimally invasive technique. Proceeds from the Ball’s special auction will be used to acquire an advanced 3-D breast biopsy system that will allow physicians to precisely sample the abnormalities identified by CMH’s 3-D mammogram.  The stereotactic 3D biopsy system, known as Affirm, will provide precise targeting of a mammographic abnormality in a safer, accurate and more comfortable environment for the patient.  Most importantly, this system will help save lives by yielding earlier and more accurate detection [...]

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CMH Annual Ball to Raise Funds for Advanced 3D Breast Biopsy Technology


Hudson, N.Y.  March 19, 2019 Columbia Memorial Health today announced it is now offering advanced, lifesaving 3-D mammography at its Catskill and Hudson campuses. The leading edge imaging technology generates a three-dimensional picture of the breast, giving providers a more complete view of tissue compared to conventional two-dimensional mammogram images. Several studies have found 3-D mammography to be more effective than conventional mammography in identifying cancers earlier, which can lead to more effective and less aggressive treatments that yield better outcomes for patients. It is particularly more effective with denser tissues, and has been found to reduce the number of false positives. “This technology is at the leading edge of medicine and is a true game-changer in the detection and treatment of breast cancer,” said Tariq Gill, M.D., CMH’s Chief of Medical Imaging. “More than 100 women from Columbia and Greene counties are diagnosed with breast cancer each year. This technology will help us detect these cancers earlier, giving our patients earlier access to treatment options that are most effective and best suited to their needs. “We believe this technology absolutely will save lives through earlier detection,” Dr. Gill said. The acquisition of [...]

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December 2015

The Stryker “Mako” System


The computerized system, known as the Stryker “Mako” system, is designed for knee and hip replacements. The Mako technology uses three-dimensional planning generated from a CT scan to create a personalized pre-operative plan that is completely individualized for each patient. “This is completely new for our region. It allows for much more accuracy during the surgery,” Gorczynski said. “There are some for whom ‘good enough’ is the goal. Joint replacement can be very forgiving, and many people do very well. But I disagree with the idea of ‘good enough.’ My goal is to make it perfect.” While any surgery’s outcome has a number of variables, including the rehabilitation process, this technology adds a degree of precision that hasn’t been available before. “The accuracy, Gorczynski said, can be far better than conventional surgery, down to just a millimeter.” “Take the knee, which has multiple sliding parts and soft tissues. The Mako system allows us to optimize and accurately balance the soft tissues,” Gorczynski said. “The more accurate the balance, the more natural it will feel.” The Mako robotic device is constantly under the direct command of the surgeon during the procedure. Once the information [...]

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October 2013

COLUMBIA MEMORIAL UNVEILS NEW STATE-OF-THE-ART LAB “Game Changer” Technology to Speed Patient Diagnosis and Treatment


(Hudson, NY) Columbia Memorial Hospital today unveiled its new, state-of-the-art laboratory that utilizes the latest technology to speed life-saving diagnoses and treatments for patients. The fully functional lab facility, which is among the finest in the region, is able to rapidly diagnose a vast range of serious diseases and illnesses, better ensuring that the most effective treatments are provided to patients quickly and safely. Dr. Michael Weisberg, Associate Director of the Emergency Department at Columbia Memorial, noted that “these renovations have become game changers. From our computer systems to code stroke protocol, we have the latest technology that allows us to process testing in mere seconds. Columbia Memorial is now at the forefront of medical technology in the region.” The changes have been so sensational that Dawn Perlin, Director of Pathology and Clinical Laboratories, still has a hard time believing that they actually occurred. “Seeing the lab as it is today is truly a blessing and a testament to our friends who made this possible,” she said. The opening of the newly renovated and equipped laboratory was celebrated with a ribbon cutting on Thursday, October 17th. On hand were a number of generous [...]

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November 2012

Spine Institute at CMH will relieve pain, improve lives


(Hudson)  Do you suffer from an aching back? Neck pain? If so, you’re not alone. Nearly one out of every three Americans suffers from neck and back pain. And the numbers are likely to grow with the aging population. But take heart, expert care is here. Columbia Memorial Hospital is expanding its spine care services with the opening of the Columbia Memorial Spine Institute in new, dedicated offices on the hospital campus. The Spine Institute will specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of pediatric and adult spinal disorders and other causes of back and neck pain. The new offices are slated to open the first of the year in the Hudson River Bank & Trust Foundation Medical Office Building. The Spine Institute will have the talent, technology and facilities to provide patients with outstanding, comprehensive spine care close to home. “The Spine Institute will be a complete, ‘one-stop’ care center dedicated to the evaluation, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of the spine,” said Dr. Ersno Eromo, surgeon and Spine Institute leader. “We are assembling an exceptional team who will offer the best spinal care around. Our surgeons and pain management doctors will work with [...]

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October 2012

Community Donations Enhance Hospital Employee Education Program


(Hudson) Health care is constantly changing, and important advancements are made every day. New research, new technology, new equipment, new policies and procedures.  How do Columbia Memorial Hospital doctors and staff stay on top of the many changes? Two years ago, Columbia Memorial invested in an important tool: a web-based learning education system called HealthStream that keeps pace with the very latest information and health care advances. HealthStream gives Columbia Memorial doctors, nurses, and allied healthcare professionals access to the education they need 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Information can be accessed from practically anywhere, anytime - even from home. Hospital President and CEO, Jane Ehrlich, recently turned to the Columbia-Greene Hospital Foundation Board of Directors to ask for a $5,000 grant to allow more hospital staff access to the HeatlhStream system. “Our standards are very high, and the world of health care is changing fast,” she said to the Foundation Board. “HealthStream technology keeps our hospital staff on top of the latest changes. Of course, that’s great for staff, but even more importantly, it’s great for our patients.” Hospital Foundation Board members were enthusiastic and approved the hospital’s $5,000 [...]

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May 2010

Dream Fulfilled, Columbia-Greene Hospital Foundation announces completion of capital campaign.


(Hudson, NY) The Columbia-Greene Hospital Foundation is very pleased to announce the successful completion of its “Fulfilling the Dream” capital campaign. The campaign, which exceeded its $10 million goal, is the largest and most successful fundraising effort in this community’s history. The capital campaign has funded significant renovation and expansion projects at Columbia Memorial Hospital and has made it possible to purchase state-of-the-art technology and medical equipment. “Every donation helps make Columbia Memorial even better for those who turn to the hospital for care,” said Betsy Gramkow, Executive Director of the Columbia-Greene Hospital Foundation. “The results of our community’s generous donations can be seen in nearly every corner of our hospital.” Gifts to the campaign have allowed the hospital to complete a host of projects, some of which include expansion and renovation of the Intensive Care Unit, the opening of the Dr. Stephen and Suzanne Menkes Child Advocacy Program, the beautifully designed Paul & Clara Kellner Cafe and the Abram and Helen Kittle Lobby, the connector between the hospital and the Medical Office Building, new parking facilities, an automated pharmacy medication system, and a Medical Imaging Department that features the latest in CT/angiography [...]

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