New Nuclear Camera Improves Diagnosis of Cardiac Conditions

Patients Benefit From More Accurate Diagnostic Imagery, Shorter Scan Times

(Hudson, NY) Columbia Memorial Health (CMH) today announced the acquisition and installation of state of the art scanning technology that will significantly improve the diagnosis of numerous common and rare cardiac conditions. The scanner was purchased with the support of the Columbia Memorial Health Foundation, which relies on the generosity of community donors.

The new scanning device, known as the Symbia Evo Excel, is a single-photon emission computerized tomography device — commonly called a “nuclear camera” — that provides real-time scans of patient heart function.

According the Dr. Hiral N. Amin, MD, a cardiologist at CMH’s Twin County Cardiology practice, the new technology is instrumental in testing heart function via “stress tests.” The machine can accurately measure blood flow in the hearts of patients to diagnose any irregular circulatory activity. Importantly, the device can be used on patients who can exercise and on patients who, due to their cardiac condition, cannot exercise.

“This new imaging technology significantly improves the quality of images we use to make a diagnosis and formulate a treatment plan. It also cuts the scan time in half, providing a much quicker and more comfortable experience for our patients,” Dr. Amin said.

The new device is also roomier than older models, providing additional comfort to patients.

CMH Foundation Executive Director Barbara Klassen said: “This is another example of how the generosity of our community is leveraged to provide the very best, most up to date technology to the people of Columbia and Greene counties. We are enormously grateful to all of our donors who have made this acquisition possible.”

Twin County Cardiology can be reached at 518-828-2565.

To donate to the Columbia Memorial Health Foundation, visit or call: 518-828-8239.