Funds for the acquisition provided by the Rheinstrom Hill Community Foundation and the Potts Memorial Foundation.

Portable Devices Allow Safe Transport of Patients

Hudson, New York — The Columbia Memorial Health Foundation today announced that it has received generous grants from the Rheinstrom Hill Community Foundation and The Potts Memorial Foundation for the purchase of two state of the art portable ventilators that are essential for the care and transport of critically ill patients.

The gifts, totaling $30,000, funded the purchase of two new HAMILTON-C1 portable ventilators by the Columbia Memorial Health Foundation. The new units will replace equipment that is out of service and no longer cost effective to repair. The advanced technology of the new devices is a significant upgrade offering safe, individualized ventilation and maximum mobility.

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly increased the need to transport patients. The new ventilators will adapt to a variety of settings such as the intensive care unit, emergency department, recovery room or intermediate care, and will ensure adequate air supply during intra-hospital transport. They offer a closed system which provides a safe transfer without increasing the risk of transmitting COVID-19 and other respiratory diseases, and they feature a 9-hour battery life allowing the CMH medical team to facilitate transfer without compromising patient safety.

Columbia Memorial Health Chief Medical Officer Clifford Belden, MD, said: “It’s critical that patients in respiratory distress receive uninterrupted assistance from ventilators. These new devices will ensure that we can safely move patients to any care area without compromising their condition.”

CMH Foundation Chair Anne Schomaker said: “We are most grateful to the Rheinstrom Hill Community Foundation and The Potts Memorial Foundation for their generous gifts. Their support and the support of all of our donors improves CMH’s ability to provide the very best care, and strengthens the close bonds between CMH and our community.”

Members of the CMH respiratory team display two new portable ventilators purchased by the CMH Foundation through grants from the Rheinstrom Hill Community Foundation and The Potts Memorial Foundation. The new devices allow for the care and safe transport of critically ill patients. Pictured from left to right are: Leroy Truesdale, RT; James Wilker, RT; Lianna Mallory, RN; Steven Moschini RT; Natalie Perri, RN; and Dr. Lymaris Garcia, Pulmonologist.