Photo’d: Many CMH doctors attended the Ball, including primary care provider Dr. John Pomichter and his wife, Suellen Pomichter, located at left. They were joined by primary care provider Dr. Kathleen Marici and her husband Dr. Edward Marici, a surgeon who leads the Women’s Minimally Invasive Center in Hudson.

CATSKILL — Nearly 350 guests attended The Columbia-Greene Hospital Foundation’s Annual Hospital Ball held June 3 at The Historic Catskill Point and helped raise $500,000 to support Columbia Memorial Health.

The Ball was presented by CMH’s partners in anesthesia services, North American Partners in Anesthesia, and hosted by Patrick Milling-Smith and Lavinia Mitchell and David and Marisa Droga. The Ball’s Versailles Sponsors included John B. Fraser and Nancy J. Kyle, Mid-Hudson Cable and USI Insurance Services with PMA Companies.

The gala event, held at the Historic Catskill Point, was an elegant Ball inspired by the finest gardens of the world. Guests enjoyed a lovely evening with sweeping views of the Hudson River, Olana and the Rip Van Winkle Bridge.

“CMH is one the most critical organizations we have in Columbia and Greene County. They provide every day care, emergency and urgent medical services and hospital care. Tonight, we have come together in the spirit of philanthropy and celebration to raise money for new beds that help patients heal during their stay at the Hospital,” said Foundation Board Chairman Patti Matheney Schrom, prior to the evening’s philanthropic auction.

Guests enthusiastically raised their hands during a special auction and pledged more than $100,000 to purchase hospital beds for CMH. The new beds are $6,000 each and offer the following benefits:

Patients need to be comfortable to heal. The new beds provide the highest level of sleep comfort and allow caregivers to easily adjust patients’ positions during exams.

The beds offer easy-to-find communication controls on both sides so it is never difficult for a patient to call nursing staff.

Built in battery back-ups improve safety for patients and staff. There is no need to find an outlet when repositioning the bed as patients are moved or transferred.

“A hospital bed is so important because it is the one thing that every patient and every caregiver will use during a hospital stay. These beds will make patients more comfortable and help staff deliver outstanding care to all our patients. I am so pleased to be joined by CMH’s supporters and staff to celebrate and get excited about the future,” said CMH President & CEO Jay P. Cahalan.

CMH’s Chief Nursing Officer, Mary Ellen Plass, RN added: “Patients need to be comfortable to heal. The beds CMH and its donors bought tonight will provide the highest level of sleep comfort and allow caregivers to easily adjust patients positions during exams. These new beds are a healer and a lifeline.”